Black series on/off instant on in home assistant

I’m using zwavejs2mqtt in home assistant with a black series on/off switch. I’m on the latest 1.20 production firmware. There is a long delay in my automation from when it detects motion until when the light actually turns on. I don’t have this issue with any of my other automations that aren’t inovelli. I’ve seen about chaging parameter 51 from 700ms to 0; however, I don’t know how to do that within HA? I swear that option was there before I updated the firmware. can someone please tell me where I can update that parameter now, please? Thanks!

Can’t help on where you change in HA. However, that parameter pertains to the delay when the paddle is pressed. It’s there so there is sufficient time for the switch to realize you’re sending a multi-tap. So I don’t think it will have any effect in an automation.

Take a look at the ramp rate, as that determines the speed of execution. There are separate parameters for local (at the switch) and remote.