Blue 2-1 config button click not showing in Home Assistant

I have my Blue 2-1 set up properly, and config clicks aren’t showing up in Home Assistant. It’s showing up on another switch in the next room over (which is further away from the zigbee hub), so I’m not sure what’s wrong. I’ve already reset it via the airgap 3 times.

Try pressing the config button on the switch and recheck. I believe some of the mappings don’t show up until you exercise it.

Sorry, I don’t think I worded that very clearly. I have been pressing it, and nothing is happening. If I look in the logs for the device, I only see where it turns on and off. It doesn’t show anything about the config button.

Ahh I misunderstood. There have been several HA (or whatever non commercial hub/sw they have z*) that all buttons didn’t show up until they went through each button push.

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To my knowledge I have pressed all of them and they still aren’t showing up. I’ve done single-5x press on the up, down, and config buttons and am still not seeing anything. Are there more pushes than that?

I would recommend removing/factory reset the device and re add to your zigbee network.

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Thanks! That worked.

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