Blue 2-1, HA, Node Red, Simple Commands

Hi Group,
I’m a beginner at Node Red. Setup is ZHA on Home Assistant with Node Red.

I can make it work for my ZWave switches and non-inovelli switches/dimmers, but I’m having trouble getting my blue 2-1 switches to respond.

I’m not trying to do anything fancy with the LED bar, or scenes. Just turn on-turn off. Maybe dim, maybe transition if I get there.

  1. Should I call out the device, or use entites in my flows?
  2. Does anyone have any example flows or screenshots of how they make it work. Set brightness, etc.?

I’m open to all tips/tricks. I’m not having any difficulty with my zwave Leviton switches, but I’m struggling to get my blue 2-1’s to take any commands from Node Red.

Thanks, I appreciate the community help!