Blue 2-1 Offline


I have a few blue 2-1 switches I have been using for several months now with HA and Zigbee2Mqtt since the initial pre-orders went out. Everything has been working great until the past 3 weeks or so. Two of them have started going offline every time the switch is turned off. As soon as I physically turn the switch on, they appear online again. Anyone know what could cause something like that? There are 5 more installed as well that are not having the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

Are these from the initial batch that had to be replaced?

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Yes they are. I did get replacements but may have used some of the originals too. But, they were working great for several months. Was the original issue something that could degrade over time?

I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to degrade, but signal loss/disconnection, etc was part of why they were replaced, so in this scenario it may be expected. Potentially other environmental factors affecting signal, etc?

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I have 2 others I haven’t installed yet so I may just swap them out and test it. I was hoping to install them in other locations but it’ll be fine. Thanks for responding!

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You can always repair them and get about 90% signal back.

I didn’t think about that. Is there a guide anywhere on here on how to repair them?

There’s not a guide per say, but I believe in the one of the issues topics it was mentioned needing to sling a trace of solder from R0 to R1 or something like that. There’s also folks on here performing repairs so you might reach out to them for guidance.

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