Blue 2-1 "squeeky" paddle

Anyone have any issues with the paddle on their 2-1 being squeeky when rocked back and forth? The sound/feeling is of plastic rubbing together. I removed the paddle and its very repeatable, perhaps its just mis molded. Sounds like its coming from the pivot point of the paddle.

I only purchased two 2-1’s so my sample size is small. One is fine, the other squeeks.

I also have a squeaky paddle, only have 1 switch so not increasing the sample pool that much.

I do as well. Was hoping it’d “break in”, but so far no luck.

I also notice a difference between the paddle+button feel between the white and blue switches.

The white switch has a undampened (echoy and light) but very positive button feel with minimal press needed.
The blue switch has a dampened (less echoy) feel, but requires more pressure and slightly less of a positive feel on the button itself. The dampened feel may come from the bit of foam material placed between the paddle and the switch body providing less of an echo chamber.

Comparing to a red switch, the blue seems similar in button feel.

I’ve always wanted to experiment with adding dense/shallow foam to the back of the paddle, or maybe adding weights to give it more a of a positive feel.

I have two. One is a bit squeaky yes, the other is not.