Blue 2-1 Switch Single Red Flash on Power-On

I’m in the process of wiring up a Blue canopy module and Blue 2-in-1 switch based on this diagram: When the switch first receives power, I get a single red flash from the LED bar and then nothing, the switch doesn’t respond to me hitting the config button 3x or the factory reset combination.

The canopy module is receiving power and I’ve gotten it paired with Zigbee2MQTT. I haven’t wired up the fan yet, I was hoping to make sure the canopy module and switch worked before I installed the fan. Could that be the issue?


At the switch box, meter between the black and the white, disconnected from the switch. What voltage is present?

I believe this was 0v. I will double check that tonight.

If it’s 0V then you have wired incorrectly. At the fan box, the 2-wire that goes to the switch box should be bundled black to black and white to white with the incoming hot and neutral, so that you have 120VAC at the switch box across the white and black.

In other words the switch and canopy module should be wired in parallel eather than in series? They are definitely wired in series at the moment. Pulling the air gap on the switch mills power to the canopy module.

Correct. Parallel. You are simply providing a constant 120VAC to both the canopy module AND the switch.

The “after” wiring diagram you posted is correct.

Measured the voltage with the switch disconnected and it was 62v. Going to make another attempt at wiring it up this weekend.

Hopefully you’ll find the other half this weekend. :grin:

I found it. Both the switch and canopy module are now powered and communicating with home assistant via Z2M. I didn’t have time to actually install the ceiling fan this weekend but things are heading in the right direction.