Blue + 4-way with dumb switch -> occasional flash when switching state

Have a number of Inovelli Blues in 4 way with multiple dumb switches. Wiring is as follows:

  • Inovelli (switch #1, hot side) → Dumb switch (switch #2) → Dumb switch (switch #3, load side)

Now lets say the lights are off, and I flip switch #3 to turn the lights on. Many times the lights will turn on briefly, and then very quickly turn off again before they turn back on (all within fractions of a second). It seems like the Inoveli gets confused before realizing the lights are supposed to stay on, and then turns them back on.

Has anyone seen something like this happen? Is there a setting I can change on the Inovelli to reduce this from happening?

I have Inovelli blues hooked up to Smartthings in case that’s relevant.

Hi @dasarp, can you describe the load that is attached and the firmware version? I believe lowering the maximum level will likely solve the issue as there may be interference on the traveler wire caused by the load. Just want to make sure the load is ok before making that recommendation.

This is a brand new construction so wiring is all new. Load is a handful (3-6 for a switch) of standard LED PAR38 bulbs.

Ok, if they are dimmable can you try to lower the max level down a little bit at a time? Test the scenario as you go down to see if the problem is resolved.