Blue + 4-way with dumb switch -> occasional flash when switching state

Have a number of Inovelli Blues in 4 way with multiple dumb switches. Wiring is as follows:

  • Inovelli (switch #1, hot side) → Dumb switch (switch #2) → Dumb switch (switch #3, load side)

Now lets say the lights are off, and I flip switch #3 to turn the lights on. Many times the lights will turn on briefly, and then very quickly turn off again before they turn back on (all within fractions of a second). It seems like the Inoveli gets confused before realizing the lights are supposed to stay on, and then turns them back on.

Has anyone seen something like this happen? Is there a setting I can change on the Inovelli to reduce this from happening?

I have Inovelli blues hooked up to Smartthings in case that’s relevant.