Blue in switch mode has brightness slider in HA

My inovelli switches (via zigbee2mqtt) appear as lights in Home Assistant. Great!

However, even in switch mode, there is a brightness property. Of course, nothing happens if I chance the brightness.

But to avoid confusion it would be good if the setting is not even there.

Is it possible to remove the brightness setting/slider from the Light device in Home Assistant when switch is configured in switching mode (rather than dimming mode)?

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Are you regularly flipping between the modes or this is more of a set it and forget it type question?

A couple options come to mind, first you’ve got Template Switches where you’ll basically tell HA to create a ‘new’ switch device that will mirror that light device.

Alternatively, if you’re controlling this through an HA dashboard, I’m sure there’s a custom card that would only present the on/off. I don’t have mine on Z2M to verify how they’re being presented, but pretty sure this should be doable as well, though not sure it would match the desired aesthetic depending on the card chosen.

Mushroom card has the option the enable/disable brightness

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The device is a dimmer so it is always identified as that dimmer. The right settings of the dimmer just make it operate in an on-off mode. In other words, the right settings make the dimmer emulate a light switch. Zigbee2mqtt identifies it by model and sets up the device to access it’s features. To make it decide to appear as a light or switch would require specific code in the zigbee2mqtt to change the “device” depending on the settings of certain parameters. This really should be avoided.