Blue/Red switches disable single-click?

With the Red or Blue series switches, is there an option to disable single click from doing anything?

I moving into a house that has the switches mounted a foot lower than normal for some reason and I know my 2-year old is going to have a field day toggling those on/off. I would like to replace the switches that are there and make them double-click for on/off if at all possible, until he is old enough to not mess with them.

Sure, so the disable local control setting turned on either via the hub or via an 8X config button will prevent the switch from physically controlling the wired load. So you can press the paddle up or down and it will have no effect.

So now you are left with a scene controller and can take advantage of the multitap capabilities. I’ve never tried this but you ought to be able to configure a double tap (or whatever multi-tap you choose) to turn the switch on or off via a scene.

Also be aware that an 8x config press on a disabled switch will re-enable the local control. More than one toddler has enabled or disabled the setting unbeknownst to their parents.

Does the 8x config still work for disabled local config? Or is the disabled local config strictly relating to pushing the config button and it beginning configuration?

So I think you are asking if a switch has local control disabled, will an 8X on the config button re-enable local control. If that is the question, yes. You can do an 8X on the config multiple times sequentially to toggle local control on and off.

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