Blue Series 2-1 has arrived!

Slowly swapping out my Gen1 for the Gen2 switches

Currently have 8 Red Series Dimmers and 5 Blue Series, I’m in love with these things

The Blue Series was drama free on the setup and it was nice not having to fiddle with firmware updates.


Now that is a line I thought I’d never read lol.

Glad you’re enjoying them, we love reading these kinds of posts :slight_smile:

What would you say your favorite thing is about them?

Just wanted to give you a heads up – if it’s the Gen 1’s w/out the LED bar, make sure to fully rewire any 3-Way (or multi-way) setups as the new switches use a different logic for detection and if you forget to rewire the 3-Way, it will cause the switch to pop/smoke.

My entire house has been completely zwave until today.

There’s nothing about the Blue Series switches specifically that’s my favorite.

The LED notification bar on the Gen2 switch is my favorite thing.

You should check out what @bradsjm / jonathanb is doing on Hubitat with these switches.

He has made an awesome app to push LED notifications to the Gen2 switches, it’s why I bought more.

With today’s install I liked how I didn’t have to power cycle or reset the switch to get it connected to my hub. All of them connected very quickly. The firmware upgrade process looks a lot easier than the the red series.

But I really like how the hubitat driver is laid out, the important parameters are on top and some of the text is different, making it pop out.

In general I feel like you could have better default settings for all the Gen2 switches.

Relay Click - Why does this default ON?

Red Series Dimmers - default ramp rates and dimmer speeds are not ideal.
(Can’t speak for the Blue Series, currently using them for ON/OFF only)

Different Wiring…
I smoked 3x LZW31-SN a few weeks ago because I didn’t understand the wiring differences.

I saw a warning somewhere about the 3way wiring being different for the Gen1 and Gen2 units but that was only after I smoked the switches.

Overall the Blue Series Resources | Wiring Schematics page is a nice improvement from the Red Series page. I highly recommend improving the documentation for then Red Series switches so they are more inline with how you have the Blue Series documentation.


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Sorry that happened. I think the warning you referred to was on a piece of tape covering the traveler screw which you removed before installing it.

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I think the Gen1’s also had a similar sticker, but I was talking about a warning somewhere in the documentation

It was only painful because I can’t by new ones lol

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