Blue Series Auto-Off With Timeout

I used to have a red-series on-off for a light. I’ve switched it to be a blue series light.

The automation would detect when the state was ON for 15 minutes. The new automation is

from state [blank]
to state on
for 15 minutes

However it doesn’t seem to be triggering. Am I missing something simple here? The light is correctly reflecting its state in Home Assistant

Is HA showing that the automation is triggered?

Also, the switch does have a timer inside the firmware itself if you like that better!

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No it’s not showing as triggered. It won’t trigger if I turn it on at the light switch or if I use the app. Note that if I run actions from the automation it will turn off

I read about the firmware timeout which is nice but I need to be able to disable the automation easily if we need the lights on longer (garage lights)

Edit: Its working again. I did two things, made the state triggers all lowercase “on” instead of “On” (might have been done with my phone keyboard). I also made it trigger on transition from “off” to “on” instead of [blank] to “on”

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