Blue Series Binding with Hubitat and Room Lighting

These are my first Zigbee switches, previously I’ve used Zigbee only for sensors. I also have a couple of Hue color lights directly on the Hubitat hub so I wanted to figure out how best to use the binding capability.

My goal is to ensure that key Zigbee lights have basic functionality if/when the hub is offline, the rest of the time I generally have things managed through the Room Lighting app for more advanced capabilities (motion sensors etc.)

I was successfully able to bind my Blue dimmer with the Huge light. The physical switch now directly controls the Hue bulb even when the hub is down which is great. My questions are:

  1. I noticed that turning on/off the switch via Hubitat (i.e. not physical) does not control the Hue bulb unlike when I physically push the buttons. I assume this is by design? With room lighting this isn’t a problem as I can just include the bulb and switch as I did previously.

  2. When using the binding from the switch to turn the hue on and off from the physical switch (i.e. without going through the hub) I notice the Hue doesn’t tell Hubitat about the change in state (Hubitat still thinks the bulb is whatever it was last set to). I was hoping the Hue would send any change to the hub regardless of how it was controlled.

If anyone else is doing this, basically, using the Hub for primary control but with direct binding as ‘backup’ and has some best practices, I’m interested in what people have done in this area.