Blue series: How do I reset the led to default after changing it in HA?

I just messed around with HA automation and one of my switches and I sent an action to flash one of the LEDs in a different color. It worked but now my switch is flashing and I can’t seem to get it to go back to normal/default :rofl: any advice?

Double tap the config button relatively quickly.

Thanks, is there a way to send an equivalent command through HA? I’d like the unit to flash during an automation and then go back to normal when it’s done

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You have both the duration in the first command after which it’ll go back to normal, or you can send effect 255 to clear it I believe.

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It’s interesting because the first time it seemed to be permanently stuck flashing even after ten minutes, but now I can’t reproduce that

Is there a way to do this with Zigbee2MQTT? I’ve tried the double tap config thing and it’s not doing anything. I’ve got a switch that the first led is stuck red and I cannot get it to change no matter what I do.

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I was able to fix it, actually. You can update the values if you look at what the device exposes in Z2M. Or you can set it with automation in Home Assistant, blue is 170

Yeah, my issue is that if I set it to 170 (or any other color) the #1 led is stuck red. I was playing around with the led’s and somehow i’ve got it into a state where I can’t go back to default. Zeroing out everything per above turns the led’s off and if I then set it to 170, i still get the red #1 led. :man_shrugging:

What about these? You’ve tried these too?

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That did the trick! I was trying to change individual_led_effect and pulling my hair out. Thanks!

As an aside if the devs are reading this, it’d be good to have a way to reset all the led’s back to default.