Blue Series in 3way & 4way


So i was looking at the wireing info for the up comming blue switches.

Can we connect multi blue together and they work and sync together? Or are you comming out with blue smart aux switches?

Would love to have them sync. And be able to make a 3 way and 4 way dimmer. I have 2 rooms that want it. (And is a neutral required?)

Also if i preorder them i should have by august? (If all goes well?)

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If you use two blues in a 3-way, then you can bind them together somewhat like Zwave association. (The wiring diagram page you referred to is a work in progress and doesn’t yet contain those instructions.) If you do that, you’ll need a hot and neutral in the non-line box, which is usually easy to do via a 3-wire between the switches.

Inovelli is releasing an Aux switch as well. It is not blue-specific.

The Blue switch is pending UL certification, so while Inovelli expects by August, I don’t think anyone can say with certainty.