Blue series losing pairing with Hubitat

Several weeks ago I installed 60 or so blue series switches and paired to Hubitat 8. I set up button rules which were working great. A few days ago lost pairing and all switches defaulted back to on/off. No updates from Hubitat noted. The easily paired again and restored my button control. Again today they are unpaired for no apparent reason. Anyone have any thoughts. Please assist.

Is your hubitat still accessible when the failure occurs? Hubitats can run out of free memory and lock up, which could mean your button actions wouldn’t work til Hubitat was restarted. It doesn’t seem that this is the case from what you are saying.
Do you have any configuration parameters customized on the switches (not button controller, since that resides fully on the hubitat side, but things like dimming time, or brightness, etc)? Do the switches maintain their configuration?
I have had individual devices (not blue 2-in-1 yet) drop of my zigbee network and need to be re-paired, but have never experienced what you are describing with all devices falling off. Do you have other zigbee devices on the hub? Did they fall off?

The Hubitat maintains function. The only switch parameter that I changed was to enable smart bulb. For a select few switched without smart bulbs only dimmer was selected.

All switches when pairing is lost return to default settings. On/off with smart bulb disabled. All other zigbee devices maintain pairing and functionality