Blue Series On/Off Flicker

Just installed a Blue Series switch to a circuit with non-dimmable bulbs. I thought that would work fine as long as I put the switch into on/off mode instead of dimmer mode, which I did. But the bulbs flicker really badly about every 75% of the time when turning on the switch.

I made a video of it here:

I’ll probably just switch it out to a circuit with dimmable bulbs instead, but anything I should try before I uninstall it?

Is it a neutral or non neutral install? You can always try an incandescent to verify the install.

Neutral. And the LEDs are really bright corn bulbs that are actually 60W. There’s also an old florescent tube light on the circuit too, so it’s a fairly medium load.

Can you physically remove that fluorescent fixture from the switch leg? If you can I would try that to see if it resolves the flickering. It would not surprise me if the inrush current to the fluorescent’s ballast is causing the issue.


I think that did it! It’s an ancient fluorescent fixture plugged into a switched outlet. I’ve been meaning to swap it out for an LED anyway. Thank you!


Glad you got it going.

When you swap out the fixture you should hardwire the new one and remove the receptacle. If you are in the US, controlling a receptacle with a smart switch would violate the NEC, as switches controlling receptacles must be rated for the capacity of the circuit.