Blue Series Questions - Random Questions at First Setup

Just installed my first Blue switch and so far I’m happy with it, it seems faster at controlling Hue bulbs than the Red switch (even with bulbs on Hue hub) and that was the goal. However, there are couple questions that have come up during the transplant process. I’m sure I’ll have more too.

1: Blue Switch setConfigParemeter Equivalent

I have several automations that change the LED color of my Z-wave switches and I am trying to replicate this with the new Blue Series switches. What would the equivalent command be for these switches? In Webcore, for the Red Series, I have “setConfigParemeter(13, {@LEDColor}, 2}” for example, I see that setZigbeeAttribute has another field for cluster, what would this be?

  1. Disable LED Level changes

I would like to be able to disable the trail effect of the switch in Smart Bulb Mode, is this possible? Or speed it up? It seems to sometimes get stuck at a level other than 100% when switch turned on and I have to hold the paddle up. I think this is if the switch is turned back on before the trail effect has finished. If it can’t be disabled, I can just change my automations to ensure the switch itself is at level 100.

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64561 is the Inovelli Cluster for these, command id 1 for all LED effects, command id 3 for individual LED effects. I don’t use ST or Webcore, but those should still be valid (using them via NodeRed or HA directly).

I can’t speak to the other question offhand.

This is unfortunately not possible right now (not to say we can’t add it in a future firmware release). I was thinking that maybe what you could do was to put your switch at 100% and then use bindings and scene control, but I’m not sure if that would work bc I’m not sure what commands are sent through when local control is disabled.

The first iteration of smart bulb mode was basically disabling local control but commands could still go through (you just couldn’t physically turn on/off the switch) and the LED bar would lock to 100% (so basically what you want).

You can give that a try, but if I’m remembering correctly, I think disabling local control disabled everything.

This is with hubitat / webcore. In my example, the first integer is the preference number, the second is the LED color, and the third is the size. It looks like I would just need to add the cluster as the first parameter? Would size, etc. be the same? So…

setConfigParameter(64561, 1, {@LEDColor},2)

Happen to know what the command for intensity would be? I turn my LEDs off if nobody is home.

For clarity, are you wanting to change the default parameter or issue an led effect?

Edit - different how those are handled, just want to make sure I’m not leading you down a rabbit hole :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to change the switch parameter via zigbee. Like in my example above, it’s changing the LED color via setConfigParameter. Just wondering how to do the same thing with setZigbeeAttribute. Not only does it require a cluster (zwave didn’t), I’m also wanting to make sure the config numbers and sizes are the same.

Got it, ignore my first reply then, the brain was on LED effects :slight_smile:

So for the zigbee command, I believe it’s the following:

setZigbeeAttribute(Cluster, Attribute, Value, Size)

cluster = 64561
attribute = 97 for Intensity When On or 98 for Intensity When Off
value = 0 to 100
size = 8

So if you want to change the brightness for the strip when off to 0 (default is only 3), you’d be doing something like -

“setZigbeeAttribute(64561, 98, 0, 8)”

Let me know if that’s what you needed or if it has issues?


This worked! Thanks. To anybody else doing this, make sure you set these as decimals.


There is a slightly shorter method to do this using the setPrivateCluster() command which is used specifically just for the Inovelli private cluster attributes and you don’t have to pass in the 64561 cluster-ID. To set the LED bar to Red (color=0) and the intensity when On to 50% would be these two commands


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