Blue Series Ticking

I just decided to replace one of my red series with a blue series to see if the LEDs on this circuit would dim better. It’s a 3-way installation, with a dumb switch on the other side. I changed the wiring from the red to the blue, wire by wire, so I know that load went to load, line to line, etc. After I restored the power, the switch was blinking like it was ready to be adopted, but was also ticking every 4 or 5 seconds. I also did not see it show up in Home Assistant to adopt. I then held the off + config for 5 seconds to see if anything changed, but the same behavior happened.

Am i missing something different in how the blue should be wired in this install vs the existing red? Here’s a video of the blue when installed:


What color(s) is it blinking? Blue pulsing is the ready for adoption color. The relay clicking that you’re hearing is a behavior that happens when the line and load get reversed + blinking different colors. Maybe worth double checking the line/load?

Edit: ha, just saw you had uploaded a video of it… :person_facepalming: that does look like the line/load reversed behavior to me

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It goes, blue > purple > orange (or yellow?) > tick.

I can try checking the line/ load. Would that be unimportant for a red series, but would be for a blue?

The reds definitely also need the correct line/load wiring so I’m stumped there; It could definitely be a different issue. I just know I managed to miswire a couple of my blues and that’s the behavior I saw from them.

I’ll kill the power later to pull everything back out and re-test the lines. It just started pouring at my house and my breakers are outside, so that’ll have to wait.

Thanks for the feedback!

You were correct. I tested it and had the line and load crossed.

I decided to stay with the red series on this circuit though. The dimming with the blue series at 1% was equivalent to the red at 25%. The red “shuts off” at 19% on these lights, but that 6% is obvious that the lowest setting on the blue just isn’t dim enough for this light. I find that strange because the dimming on the blues on another light is fabulous.