Blue Switch - Can light brightness % scale be changed?

I’m not sure if it’s my lights or the switches but the brightness of the lights don’t change much between 100% and 20%. Once I get below 20% it noticeably dims. Is there a way to change the scale on when it dims? It’s basically an exponentially dimming scale right now and I’d like to make it linear. I am using Home Assistant with the Blue 2-in-1s. Thank you!

It is not dimming above 20%, or just dimming at a different rate?

You can play with the min/max brightness settings, which will affect the brightness scaling. In my case many of my bulbs don’t start noticeably dimming until 70%, so I set max brightness at 70. When the dimmer is now set to 100, it is actually the old 70% and it scales linearly from there.

I just tested it and slightly noticeable once I get to around 70%. That’s a great idea though, I’ll set the max brightness as you said, and I think that will fix it. Thanks for the suggestion!

For me, it is standard practice to check the min/max brightness after every new smart switch install.

I use the “set level” with zero ramp rate to test different brightness settings, start at 100, 90, 80, etc. work my way down in increments of 10, until I see a noticeable decrease in brightness. It has usually been about 60 with my bulbs. I go back one notch and note that as my max brightness (70 in my case.)

Then I do the opposite starting at the bottom in increments of 5… 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. Once I find when the bulbs turn on, I note that as my min brightness.

Then once both steps are complete, I set the min/max in the driver. If you do this before testing both steps it will throw everything off and it will be impossible to get it set correctly because you will be dealing with scaled numbers at that point. Doing this I have had had linear scaling of all my bulbs.


I do the same thing, and will repeat it when changing bulbs. Often I find that the “same” bulb (same model anyway) purchased years apart are not exactly the same (different drivers, more/less lumens, etc) and will need a new curve applied. In the years i’ve used the GE HD+ led bulbs they’ve updated them 3 or 4 times and they each have different dimming requirements.