Blue Switch Multi-Way Grouping Issue

I installed 4 blue switches for my main ceiling lights yesterday. I followed the Multi-Way (w/2+ Smart Switches) wiring schematic for a 4-Way Line/Load in separate box, with one extra switch. All the switches have power and are connected to my HomeAssistant with ZHA.

The wiring schematics page left me hanging here:

Zigbee Binding Method
The below assumes you are not using a smart bulb, but rather you are wiring two (2) or more smart switches together.


So I created a group with all 4 switches and everything seemed to be working great. Today I enabled OTA updates in ZHA , saw all my switches update, and now the group no longer seems to work.

The switch wired to the load controls the lights correctly, but the others no longer do. Changing the dimming on one switch doesn’t affect any of the others.

I restarted HA, factory reset and re-added all 4 switches, and am still not getting the group to behave. I feel like I’m missing something, any ideas?

For clarity, you just put them in a group and didn’t bind the switches to a group or to one another previously?

If so, that was technically fixed by 2.07 as it was due to the switches not sending commands correctly to the coordinator but rather acting like they were bound to all devices in the group which led to unwanted behavior.

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Yes, I just put them in a group.

I guess I liked that behavior :grinning: What binding do I need to recreate it? Do I bind each switch to the group (that they are already in) or to each other switch individually?

That part I’m double checking on because not 100% with the 2.07 what the ‘right’ steps are :slight_smile:

See if they bind individually (not in group). I had this issue after updating too, but binding individually seems to work for me. Other than that, this version has been great :+1:

Edit: On second thought… not sure if this makes sense in your situation… I was binding to a group of 4 lights, not switches, so…

Update: I was able to get everything working again by binding each switch to the 3 other switches. I removed the group entirely.

For anyone else on this journey, ZHA seems to have some bugs in the binding UI but it does work.

I think it would make more sense and be less tedious to bind each switch to the group, but this works! Thanks for all your help.