Bought 2 On/Off LZW30 - Unable to Install in 2-Gang Plate

Great product wrt documentation, installation and easy ST pairing.
I bought two to replace a two switch 2-gang placement for outdoor LED floods. Unfortunately two units cannot be placed in a 2-gang box and plate (the tabs overlap and push one forward and apart.)
Can you add make a note in the product spec that they wont fit in standard 2-gang placement.

Apart from that, great product and pricing. (Missed the 72Hr sale by a couple of hours ;-( )

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Tabs can be broken off per the manual…

@burtonmadness – I just wanted to follow up here and see if you were able to break the tabs off to fit two switches in the same gang-box?

The easiest way is to take a pair of needle-nose pliers and wiggle the heat sink tabs back and forth until they come off.

Updated Amazon review, and added comment about excellent support, but manual needs highlighted section about installation into mutli-gang plate (when and when you cannot remove the heat-sink tabs)

@burtonmadness - I thought I did read this in the manual. For On/Off switches, heat sink tabs are not needed. The dimmer will need it or will have reduced wattage.

Yeah, we did put it on Page 4 – but this is a good reminder that we can always optimize the manual. Maybe we can put it in the actual installation section to make it easier?