Brand new LZW31-SN bricked?

I am just getting started in this world, and installed a LZW31-SN red series dimmer in my office. Initial setup went fine, Home Assistant saw the switch, and worked fine from there. On-switch dimming didn’t work, and after some Googling, it appeared parameter 1 might need some tweaking in my no-neutral configuration.

Anyway, after making this change, everything seemed to work fine for about 10 seconds. Then it went full-bright and stayed there. Now NOTHING works. Only way to turn it off is to pull the air gap. Home Assistant acts like it’s still there, but the switch does not respond. All buttons are completely unresponsive. Holding Config button for 20+ seconds does nothing, let alone initiate a factory reset.

Feels like it’s bricked somehow. Any help?

Alright, in the interest of completeness, I have to update this. I left the airgap pulled for several hours, and when I went back to it, it immediately started working properly. I didn’t change a thing, so I have no idea what did it.