Brilliant / Orro Switch without Neutral Wire

I would love if you could come up with a switch similar to Brilliant or Orro without the need for a neutral wire.

While I think those devices look awesome, I don’t really see the usefulness. It seems that it would be more cost effective/usefull to get a Nest home hub or echo show and place them in a more convenient location. Maybe it’s just the layout of my house, that I don’t see a benefit for this device.

We have some concepts ready to go… just need an investor :wink:

Here’s a sneak peek:

Spilling too many beans here, but whatever!


@Eric_Inovelli - As soon as my NKLA calls goes sky high again, I’ll back ya (note: I currently don’t own NKLA calls, puts, or stocks).

What happens when you’re so broke you’ve never heard of NKLA?


NKLA = Nikola…Basically a fake Tesla company whose stock shot up really high, but now is getting called out for faking one of their videos. The stock is overvalued. Don’t you ever hit up /r/wallstreetbets?

Side note: Dual Income No Kids (DINK) is the life to live; however, I’m still broke. Definitely should’ve bought some bitcoin in 2009.

Yeah I was sitting here thinking, “Nikola Tesla” – interesting. Lol, I’m more of a /r/teenmom type guy. MTV has me hooked for the last 15yrs, I hate myself sometimes lol.

Word. I’ve heard of the DINK analogy before… imagine being a dad of 4 girls… oof… 4 weddings. I need to find a better paying job lol

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You should tell your boss you need a raise. :stuck_out_tongue: