Bulb Inclusion Issues

I am new to inovelli and just got the Z-Wave RGBW Smart Bulb. When trying to include them on my Hubitat, they are unable to be found. I have followed the inclusion process, however the bulb always blinks twice, not three times per the instructions. I even tried excluding first just in case. Distance is not a concern as I have moved the bulb right next to the hub and it still does not find it. I tried with a second bulb that came with my bundle and still no dice. Am I missing something here? I have about 80 devices on my Hub so am pretty familiar with z-wave…

Thanks in advance!

I had issues with one of my two ilumin bulbs. But, as soon as I put it in a lamp beside my hub, it came right up. Then, I put it back in the ceiling fan fixture and did a Z-wave repair. No issues since (kinda).