Buzzing from Blues?

Hey folks, quick question - is there any issue using Blues in on/off mode for a ceiling fan?

I have a Hunter fan (this specifically: that buzzes something awful when connected to a Blue switch. Even just having the light on (LED Philips A19s) and you can hear the buzzing from the next room over.

Same setup instead hooked into an LZW30 (black on/off) has zero buzz. I have the fan installed in “single switch” mode which means the blue wire from the fan is capped, and the rest is normal (line, load, neutral, and ground).

I’ve tried several blues, all not in the “issue batch” with the same result, so i don’t think it’s a one-off hardware issue.


Blue 2-1 switches can’t be used with inductive loads like fans or vacuum cleaners. The on/off function is simulated and not a true relay switching the load. Everything still runs through the dimmer FETs no matter what mode you’re in. 2-1 switches should be used for lighting loads only (non-ballasted). The upcoming Blue series fan switch should work for your application.