Buzzing sound from under-cabinet transformer

It ignores it.

The firmware does a range check. If you try to set it outside the range, the previously set value remains unchanged. HOWEVER, that is what the firmware does. The hub UI may think its changed and get out of sync with what the device is actually configured for. A ‘refresh’ (hubitat) or ‘inventory’ (is that the right term for HA?) may be needed to get them back in sync.

And I’m not saying this definitely didn’t happen. It is possible that the firmware doesn’t always check ranges correctly for all parameters. But I have tested this particular parameter (#22) as well as many others and it ignores values out of range. And even if it failed the range check properly its highly unlikely to ‘brick’ the whole device. A factory reset should always be possible after any potential parameter misconfiguration

Using the dimmer with an unsupported load is the much more likely cause of failure

It was 2.09 I believe.

Excellent - thank you for testing and confirming!

My notion here was that perhaps an assertion statement was firing inside the firmware, rendering it completely unresponsive. Alternatively, the switchType parameter could have affected how the switch receives power (this would most likely only apply in non-neutral setups, where an improper dimming waveform would starve the switch for power).

Based on your post, I agree.

The Full Sine-Wave mode was only added in 2.10, so my theory could still apply if you were on an earlier firmware version - but it now seems unlikely to be the explanation (sorry!).

(Was 2.09 actually shipped on anything or released to the public? I don’t see it listed in the firmware changelog, or even mentioned anywhere else on the forum. My switches from the latest production batch came with 2.11 on them)