Can I configure multiple switches at once?

I’ve finally installed a few switches so I can actually start playing with the settings now. So far I’ve come to realize that there are some settings I want to apply to all switches like LED color and intensity. I don’t see any way to do that without manually editing each switch after it has been added. Is there an easy way to configure them all at once?

I only see two options, but they would both probably be more work than just doing it manually.

  1. Modify the driver to set a different default, but that would require manual merging of code whenever the driver changes.

  2. Create my own app to find all switches, and set the config value.

Is there a third option I’m missing?

There is no built-in way to modify multiple devices at once (that I know of). Your two options are solid, but neither is simple.

Another option (I haven’t tried this) … If you’re primarily focused on the LED settings, set the drivers to create the RGBW child device (and it can be controlled like any other RGBW device at that point). You could probably put all the LED child devices into a group and then just make changes to the group and all the LEDs would reflect the changes at the same time. They could also be changed individually via rule machine if you’re not looking to set them globally.

Although if you’re just looking at doing this for the initial setup, your settings will stick when the drivers get upgraded, so you won’t need to do it repeatedly if that’s your concern.