Can Red Series send the same scene twice?

In Homeseer I am working on some events that would be initiated by scene activations. Example: Double tap down to close all garage doors that are open. This works great for the first instance of double tap down. However, if a garage door is opened again, the second instance of double tap down (without an intervening different scene activation) does not work. Looking at the Homeseer logs, no scene is ever received twice in a row when the user activates the scene twice.

My question is this a zwave standard, an Inovelli switch standard or is Homeseer discarding duplicate scenes? Thanks in advance. Brian

I can’t speak to HomeSeer, but with SmartThings I can run the same scene multiple times in a row without issue.

Thanks Bry. I now know that the switch is sending the scene. If anyone that is using Homeseer can test this scenario it would help me diagnose if my setup has an issue or Homeseer has a bug.

This is a HS configuration question, not a bug.
Goto the Central Scene child-device for the dimmer and Features page.
Make sure “Last Change Time Updates on Status Change Only” is unchecked.
You can now run the same scene in succession and the system will register a new device change.

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TC1. Thanks so much. That does the trick.

Nice, yes for those of us in HA, we can run automations in parallel, or restart, or queued instead of just a single (warns on second call). Here is a graphic that helps to show different options:


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