Can’t update firmware on Fan Light switch

I can’t get the firmware to update on my Fan Light combo switch in Hubitat. It said it was uploading and stayed at 0%. Eventually it failed with this message in the logs.

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: toIndex = 8 on line 106 (parse)

Any ideas?

With Hubitat, I would get a Z-stick and setup a secondary controller to do firmware upgrades. You can get a laptop close to the device and eliminate these types of problems. It is also very useful in eleminating ghost nodes from failed inclusions.

First, I assume you’re using the newer “binary” version of the updater tool as opposed to the original release? It does appear so given that you have a “firmwareTarget” parameter under the “Update Firmware” button/command, which was not in the original, but I suppose it’s worth asking as the original won’t work with .GBL files (which 700-series devices like the LZW36 use).

I can second the suggestion above: if you’re able to use it, Z-Wave PC Controller is usually faster and more reliable for me (LZW30-SNs seem particularly resistant to Hubitat’s tool sometimes, insisting they are “sleeping” no matter how many times I try the workaround of air-gapping them). But either method should work, and I don’t have any particular suggestion for the specific issue you ran into — besides this workaround.

Another thing, though: the 2.2.4 platform release for Hubitat will likely be out soon (staff teased it in a video a week or so ago). It includes something like the Z-Wave Firmware Updater Tool driver you’re using, except it’s built-in as an app. I’m not sure if they’ve fixed any specific bugs/issues as part of this conversion, but if you can’t do any of the above, have a C-7 hub (this won’t work on the C-5 and earlier), and don’t mind waiting, it’s certainly something else you could try.

Thanks everyone! I definitely am using the binary one, I deleted and recreated multiple times just to be super certain. I moved the Hubitat closer and now it gets to 63%. So I’m getting closer:-). I was going to use the Windows option, but the only place I have Windows is farther away than the Hubitat. So I will try as a last resort, but it seems unlikely to work given the distance. I ordered a super long ethernet cable and I’m going to move the Hubitat right next to the switch:-).

Either way, it seems like proximity or using the windows updater. I do have the C-7 hub, so I will watch for that update and try that as well.


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I think people have had better luck with the hub closer to the device, but for me I think that just improved speed (PC Controller might be faster since I can put a laptop closer more easily). The 2.2.4 update I mentioned was just released, though I don’t know if there are any specific fixes. You can still use these drivers, but their functionality is now available as a built-in app (not driver; no switching necessary) on the C-7. Good luck!

Thanks for the help. I ordered a 50ft cat5 cable as all my long ones were busy. Put the hub right next to the switch and the firmware updated. Thanks!! My wife was concerned I was gonna leave it that way😂