Cannot exclude Ilumin bulbs

I am trying to exclude 2 Ilumin bulbs from my C5 but when I follow the directions in the instructional pamplet and the YouTube video the bulb never blinks twice to indicate that it is trying to exclude. Currently the bulbs are very close to the hub. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried putting Hubitat in exclusion mode first, then powering the bulb on (the only step you really need to do — some other bulbs have a “turn it off or on this many times” step here, but these don’t)? Just asking in case you were doing things in the reverse order.

If that doesn’t help and you’re trying to remove/exclude the bulb from Hubitat via its device page (in your “Devices” list), you could just try a general exclusion instead. Go to the regular “Discover Devices” page for Z-Wave, but hit “Start Z-Wave Exclusion” instead. Then screw in the bulb or turn on the switch, and see if you see “Device XYZ excluded” or “Unknown device excluded” appear on your screen within a few seconds or so. If the device page for your bulb still exists in Hubitat after this, you can “Force Remove” it if you wait long enough on the “regular” removal prompt that appears. (Of note: if it says “unknown device,” the bulb may have been reset between the time of pairing and now, so Hubitat doesn’t know it’s the same device. That would explain why the “regular” exclusion wouldn’t have worked.)

If nothing else, you can try doing the “Force Remove” from Hubitat as above, and then just reset the bulb: power it on and off 6 times, waiting about 0.5-2 seconds between each. It should flash twice if successful. It should then be available for inclusion again, which I’m assuming should cover any reason you’d be trying to do any of the above.

Hope one of these things helps!

Thank you for your suggestions. I finally was able to exclude the bulb with a different lamp and then entering general exclusion mode before powering the bulb.

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