Can't get LZW31-SN to Include into Zwave JS in Home Assistant

This is my 43rd Inovelli switch I’m installing into my house over the past few weeks. They all have been added into Home Assistant using zwavejs2mqtt with little to no issues. This Red Series Dimmer just won’t seem to include. It is setup as a single-pole with a neutral. The switch works correctly when operated manually.

When I put zwavejs2mqtt into Include (no encryption) and tap the config button on the dimmer 3x, the dimmer LED pulses and after ~15 seconds turns green. However in Home Assistant, just a few seconds after tapping the config button 3x it says inclusion stopped. Home Assistant never says the node was sucessfully included and it doesn’t show up.

If I try to include again, the dimmer will pulse and then turn red and zwavejs2mqtt will time out on inclusion. If I reset the switch by holding down config for 20 sec, it will once again look like it pairs with the switch showing green but never includes.

I have tried to reset Home Assistant and the RPi it is on multiple times and I have air-gapped and reset the switch a number of times as well.

There are 3 other Red Series dimmers ~10-15 feet away and 3 more ~25 feet away. The zwave-js log in Silly mode is below and doesn’t show anything which could be bad.

Any thoughts on how I can further debug? Could this switch be defective?

2021-10-15 23:00:43.253 DEBUG SOCKET: Event ZWAVE_API emitted to BKyWfR7igRj7AebsAAAF
2021-10-15 23:00:43.271 INFO ZWAVE: Calling api startInclusion with args: [ 2, { forceSecurity: false }, [length]: 2 ]
2021-10-15 23:00:43.298 INFO ZWAVE: Controller status: Non-secure inclusion started
2021-10-15 23:00:43.300 INFO ZWAVE: Success zwave api call startInclusion true
2021-10-15 23:00:48.001 INFO ZWAVE: Node 43: value updated: 38-0-currentValue 99 => 0
2021-10-15 23:00:48.354 INFO ZWAVE: Node 43: value updated: 38-0-currentValue 0 => 0
2021-10-15 23:00:51.065 INFO ZWAVE: Node 43: value notification: 91-0-scene-001 0
2021-10-15 23:00:54.127 INFO ZWAVE: Node 43: value updated: 50-0-value-66049 41.9 => 0
2021-10-15 23:00:56.093 INFO ZWAVE: Controller status: Inclusion stopped

Try a general exclusio, factory reset ( hold config button 20 sec or until red), and then include again.

I’d agree, try the exclusion and then reset the switch and try again.

I have had zwjs2mqtt act like that and the switch still included. Just had to give it a bit and it shows up.

So after letting the hub and switch get a good nights sleep and including 6 other switches, this one decided it liked the hub again and has now sucessfully included. This stuff is so finicky sometimes.

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