Confused about parameters (Red Series Dimmer)

I am using the Red Series Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave). I am confused about the parameters that can be set at the switch (not via separate software).

For example, the manual says (at the bottom of Page 10):

Disable Internal Relay, config button, press 8x times

But on Page 9 it says “LED Indicator color, config button, press 8x times”

By experimentation I found that Page 10 is correct and Page 9 isn’t but I need to change some other parameters, such as Power On State, which isn’t listed on Page 10.

I am not asking how to change these in software. I want to be able to change them at the switch. Is there a definitive and correct list of “how many times to press the config button” to “function” mapping?

The items on page 10 are the presses without entering the configuration mode first. So if you simply press 8x on the config button, you will disable local control. Press 8x again and you’ll turn it back on.

The items on page 9 are the presses AFTER you enter the configuration mode first. See the Configuration Logic section near the bottom. After entering the configuration mode but holding the config button until the LED turns yellow, then you can use those presses to get to that particular configuration section.