Connecting LZW45 strips together over a gap

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So I know, and I have ordered, some 4ft extension cables. But when I am just looking to pass over this gap pictured below, does anyone have some good ideas? I dont think it would look good to have the strip go over that space between the two cabinets; plus I’d have trouble angling the next strip. I could use the 4ft extension cable, but thats kind of overkill.

I was kinda thinking of doing what this guy does start at 6:15 into the video.


Depends on what you’re handy with.

Jumpers would work, 20 or 22 AWG. That’s done all the time for power injection.

Seems to me it would be easier to cut two notches into the side panels with a router.

@Bry yah I was thinking about notches but then I still need to turn that next strip about 45 degrees.

When you say jumpers, are you talking about any specific product? Or just soldering wire?


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Cut a 4 ft strip to length and reassemble. It just covered up with white heat shrink. Not sure how they have it attached though.


I have an LZW45 on order for the purpose of under-cabinet lighting also.

My current plan is to open little slots in those between-cabinet areas and just feed the strip straight through. My intended method is to drill a series of holes right next to each other in a row, then file middle sections to form the slot and make it level with the cabinet surface to avoid the speed-bump kind of deal.

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y not just drill holes and pass it throught??

I think Im gonna shorten the 4ft extension cable for that corner one and will cut pass thru’s when going straight from one cabinet to the next

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