Considering starting over

I have a mix of devices with the bulk of them added as S2 and some with no encryption and am going to rejoin all with no encryption. Am also In the process of upgrading from 1.57 to 1.61 to address the duplicate message issue that is crippling my network.

Debating just doing a hard reset of my zwave stick but am wondering if I should also factory reset the switches before rejoining them. Not sure if that matters or not… Just don’t want any lingering artifacts being carried forward.


At a minumum, the switches have to be excluded before rejoining. Why wouldn’t you factory reset them?

Thought being that if I hard rest my zwave stick, all devices would be excluded by that action. Is that not the case? Have never attempted this before.

No the switches would continue to look for the stick. You’ll either have to exclude one by one or factory reset them.

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Got it. Thank you!

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Assuming you have all Inovelli or the other devices are also easy to factory reset, just hard reset the stick and then reset all the switches by holding the config button down for >20 seconds. Way easier than excluding them one by one.