Controlling 2 500W Honeycomb Garage Ceiling Lights

I’d love to control a pair of honeycomb garage lights (LED), but it seems the maximum load for the red series switches is nowhere close to sufficient to support that amount of consumption.

Am I missing anything? Or do I have to replace my Inovelli switch?

That’s 500W per light right?

The red LED switch is rated for a 300W load, so if each of those lights draw 500W, that would exceed the rating of the switch. One solution you can explore is the use of a 120VAC relay with contacts rated for that load. That way you can still use the Inovelli to switch the relay which will in turn switch the load.

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Any recommendations on a place to start? I’ve never used a relay like that but I assume it would be the perfect fix

Also: anyone know why these switches have different rating based on type of load? Resistive load is often much higher for some reason.

Disregard. My world has now been opened to relays in a box.

I’d love to hear an explanation of the specs too. I’m not sure why the resistive value is higher than the incandescent, since an incandescent load it pretty much resistive.