Controlling ilumin bulbs with HA + NodeRed?

I’ve got my three Ilumin bulbs connected to HA, and I can use HA’s UI to control the colour and brightness of the bulbs. I do all my automation in NodeRed though and am a bit stuck on how to control the bulb.

For the LED on my Red series switch I use GitHub - pdong/node-contrib-inovelli-status-manager: Node red node for assisting in constructing statuses for inovelli red series switch to format the payload that goes to zwave:set_config_parameter.

I assume the bulbs work a similar way (zwave config parameters), and I can format the payload myself… I just can’t find what that payload should be.

Anyone have any tips or examples? Thanks!

For future reference: this was just me not realizing that the light_on service for call_service in NodeRed takes a ton of data parameters, including setting colour values.