Day Based Notifications (ie: Recycling, Trash, etc) | SmartThings

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone out there knows how to set up some sort of notification to remind me when recycling day is?

Ideally it would be using a built-in SmartApp, but I’m open to using a third party app (such as webcore) if it will transfer over when ST discontinues groovy.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A bi-weekly notification on Sunday night to remind me that Monday is recycling

Thanks in advance!


I don’t think ST will allow for a bi-weekly notification via Routines.

It should be doable in webCore. You can try this. It’s off the top of my head and untested:

Reportedly, webCore will deprecate with Groovy but time will tell.

I’m guessing you can also do it in SharpTools Rule Engine, which will survive Groovy deprecation but remain cloud based.

In the alternative, you can move to where recycling is once per week and then use a SmartThings routine.

@harjms will likely recommend you go back to Hubitat. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Or home assistant :grin:

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