Different 4 way wiring

I have a 4 way wiring setup that has the power coming in at the center location with two travelers. One end supplies the light and the other end is fed the black from incoming but only has one wire set going to it. It’s like the bottom left diagram on this link with only one 4-way instead of 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiway_switching#/media/File:Multiway_switch_wiring.png

Is there anything I can do to get this working or am I out of luck without ordering a bunch of additional switches or running a new power feed line?

I think you could use a dimmer in the left position without a neutral. Line is routed over to the left location in that diagram so you have line and two travelers (load and traveler on switch). You could use the dummy switches and configure it for 3 way toggle.

I’ll give that a try and report back once I’m done.

So I figured out that the power is actually coming in at the box at the end of the chain but instead of wiring it in that box it passes through the power to the other box which is split up into 3 different lighting circuits. So I just wired the power where it initially comes in to the switch and rewired the center 4 way switch to match the standard setup and now everything works great! Just need to finish up swapping out switches and it will be good to go.

@Krusty_47 - Sounds like you’re golden. Happy configuring.

Can you explain further regarding what you did with the 4-way switch? Curious as to what you had to change.

Also, you have a hot AND a neutral in that box with the Inovelli, right?

So if you look at the initial diagram the one on the bottom left is how it was wired just with one less 4-way switch. Power was going to the middle 4-way and was distributed from there. Well the line power was actually coming into the box on the far left in the diagram and was routed directly to the box where the 4-way is located. This was likely due to that power supplying 2 other circuits in that box. So I just tapped into the main power at that first box and disconnected it from the 4-way. I then had to remove the white neutral wire from the 4-way and connected it to the rest of the neutrals in that box which are all routed back to the breaker box on the same main circuit. Connected the black Load wire from the Inovelli and the the black runner from the switch right before the light and ensured the travelers where correct and it worked out great. Now is looks like https://desk.zoho.com/DocsDisplay?zgId=691830694&mode=inline&blockId=01j33e7d287c5d034442e97f710d5f8f8c3e8.

I hope that helps. Basically I just returned it to a normal line/load in separate boxes setup vs how it was before. I was only able to do that because the power actually enter in at that first 3-way switch box. if the initial power entry point had been in that 4-way box instead of the first 3 way box I don’t think I could have gotten it to work without running new cables.

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