Different color on LED status bar when on vs off?

Is this possible? I was hoping to have the LED status bar on the switches to have one color when the switch is off and a different color when the switch is on?
I have mostly Red dimmers.

What hub are you using? Should just be a matter of controlling the LED bar through automation.

I am using smart things, but actually just bought hubitat because I’ve been disliking a smart things more and more.

If you use Hubitat, they make it pretty accessible using Rule Machine. You can use a child device for the LED bar or a notification, etc and then you’d just do a rule along the lines of trigger - switch = on, action - child led/notification = on.

A side note here for Hubitat though that you’d want to do first, you’ll want to use the Hubitat Package Manager (custom app) as it’ll make keeping apps and drivers up to date really easy. Instructions are here - [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager - #672 by lewis.heidrick - Community Apps - Hubitat
From the package manager, you should install the Inovelli Drivers Gen 2 (just search Inovelli by keyword) and then you’ll never have to manually update them one at a time again. Just check it every so often and it’ll tell you if there are updates available and you can do it whenever you wish. I’d recommend using it to install any of the custom apps you can.