Different firmware version reported by hubitat?

Hi all. I have a hubitat c5 and I’m running several lzw31-sn switches that I recently updated to 1.48 using bcopeland’s wonderful firmware updater. In the firmware updater, the firmware is reported as 1.48, but when I move the device type to Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN version 2020-09-16, the system detects 1.43 . I’ve rebooted the hub and air gapped the switches. I’m seeing some of the switches act up a bit (pushed and held button 4 doesn’t register for instance).

Anyone have a suggestion or know what’s going on?


Did did you also update to the 1.47.bin file? You may need to exclude and reset the switch. After switch is excluded hold down config button for about 20 seconds until the led turns red. It will reboot and then you can add it back.

You need to hit the Configure the refresh buttons after changing the driver back. It may need to be done twice before you notice the value update.

Thanks Terk!