Dimmer bypass question

Hi all… I’m a relatively noob to home automation and this will be my first venture with Inovelli.

I am preparing to order the new red-series dimmers and install them in a non-neutral setting.

The specs say that a bypass is required for any load less than 25 watts. I am planning to install a new light fixture which says on the box that it has a 30 watt load but, I have reason to believe that other specs on the box are incorrect, which makes me doubt all of them.

My question is, would there be any negative effect to installing the bypass at the fixture, even if it isn’t necessary? I can’t think of any reason why there would be but, I’d rather ask for other opinions. As far as I see it, it would just increase the load a little, whether needed or not.

Is it OK to install the bypass no matter what, or is there any reason why I shouldn’t unless it’s needed?

Thanks in advance everyone

The way the bypass works is that it constantly leaks a small amount of current through the bypass. This allows the dimmer to function when the light is off, but it does waste (a small amount of) energy. It’s better to not use it if you don’t need it.

My advice would be to first try it without the bypass, and if you’re having issues, then install the bypass.


It will just cause slightly more power use when the lights are on. So, if you don’t care about that then go ahead, it won’t hurt anything else or have any other negative effects.

Thanks guys… I appreciate it.

Since the fixture being replaced uses two 1500 watt halogen bulbs, I don’t think the extra few watts from the bypass will hurt in the wallet.

I realize it’s better to not use it if not needed but, I’d rather not hang the new (LED) fixture and then have to take it down and re-hang it if I have to install the bypass.

As long as there is no other negative reason, I may just install it with the bypass and be sure it’ll work.

Thanks again for the help!