Dimmer Switch Not Ramping After Joining Z Wave

Hi. I have a Red Series switch in a 3-way configuration with two dumb switches. Prior to joining the switch to my Smartthings hub, the switch would ramp up and down the lights when turning on/off at the dimmer switch. After joining the z wave hub, it no longer ramps. I have the custom device handler installed and associated to the switch. Am I missing a configuration item somewhere?

Make sure you have the correct device handler. I think there website messed up sometimes when downloading the device handler for LZW31-SN ( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli/master/devicetypes/inovelliusa/inovelli-dimmer-red-series-lzw31-sn.src/inovelli-dimmer-red-series-lzw31-sn.groovy )