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Dimmer Switches | LZW31 / LZW31-SN Compatible Bulbs Mega-Thread

Here’s where we’ll post all the compatible bulbs that we’ve tested to work with our dimmer switches. There are literally thousands of bulbs to choose from out there, and we obviously can’t test every single one, so it’d be awesome if we can keep this constantly updated. So, if you have a bulb you’ve tested to work (or not work), please let us and your fellow smart home owners know!

Some basic info on bulbs:

  • Base = Typically E26 (E = Edison


  • Philips - Model #226969



  • Cree - Model #SA19-04627MDFD-12DE26-1-14
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #RL560WH6940R
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #RA5606930WHR
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #LT460WH6930R
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #ML5609930
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #SMD4S6940WH
  • Eaton / Cooper Lighting - Model #SMD6R6940WH
  • EcoSmart - Model #A810SS-Q1D-01
  • Feit - Model #BPCEBR30/DM/LED
  • Sylvania - Model #73954
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Will neutral and no neutral cause different bulb compatibilities?

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Hey! I don’t see these bulbs on the list!! What gives??? They’ll probably be in every home you know. :wink:

Looking at these a little more… May have to disable dimming from the switch as well as the relay. Just using the dimmer to send commands to the bulbs?

I don’t see any globe lights listed yet can you test some like these?

This is the style I’d like to put in our bathrooms with the dimmer switches.


Just curious if preorders have been fulfilled. I’ve gotten no notice, or received anything yet. (May preorder)


With the LZW31-SN in non-neutral configuration, I’m controlling two Feit model CEOM100/930/4 17.5 Watt bulbs. Without a bypass, I had to set minimum dim level to 30 and maximum to 90 to avoid flickering while on. When off, one bulb was very faintly flickering.

After I installed the Aotec bypass in parallel with the lights, there is no more flicker, at off, minimum 1 (at which the bulbs are off – I didn’t yet tinker to find the lowest lit level), or max 99.

  1. Black.
  2. 3-way
  3. line/load in same box
  4. 9
  5. Electric Zone. EZ-A615-BA-2700K-A6
  6. 10’
  7. When dimming on the low end it noticeable steps up/down rather than have a smooth transition. Also when I switch the dumb switch on/off quickly the smart switch may not react, so if the lights are off and I switch them on with the dumb switch but then switch them off with the dumb switch the lights will remain on.

Just got my pre orders. Has anyone used it with Philips 468124 Led 50W GU10 Glass Bright White (3000K) lights? I have 4 in series in my ceiling, about to do install. But all i see above are regular bulbs, and not gu10.


Edit: switches drive these bulbs well. I have mix of bulbs, so each has different response. Will match all bulbs next weekend and confirm the response time and flickering, if any.

Where are the drivers (Hubitat) for the LZW31 that includes the child notifications?

You’ll need both driver for the LZW31 (be sure you select correct model ‘-SN’ or not). Then be sure to get the switch-child-device file. Install into Hubitat.

Cree TA19-08027MDFH25-12DE26-1-12 LED bulbs also work with this switch.

Here are the lights I have tested so far with my dimmers:

Switch Neutral Bypass Bulb Type Bulb Bulb Qty Working? Comments
Red Dimmer Yes No LED Bulb Feit Electric CEBR30/927/6 6 Yes No issues
Red Dimmer No Yes/No LED Panel Commercial Electric 74031/HD-G2 1 No Makes really loud buzzing sounds when on

AFR4-0930 recessed lights. When dimmed, lights flicker very subtly. It’s hard to notice but once you’re in the room for a bit it becomes irritating.

Also the ramp up/down is not smooth at all.

Are either of these issues fixable with a firmware update? I’m only really concerned with the flicker.

Anyone used Phillips dimmable LED “filament” bulbs?

Just put dimmer in bathroom and existing bulbs in 6 bulb fixture are buzzing,

Like the look and idea of warmer colour temp as they dim of the LED filament style bulbs, would be handy to save on return if anyone has ones confirmed tested. List of known working bulbs in this Mega thread a little sparse for matches on the shelf around here in western Canada :frowning:

This is the single LED fixture i have hooked up with this dimmer in my kitchen. works perfectly!