Dimming smart bulbs with red series dimmer

I installed my first red series dimmer today to control 3 Hue bulbs, and disabled the local control. I’m using SmartThings, and followed the initial setup instructions to use the Smart Lighting app for the on/off single tap to turn the Hue’s on/off. I’m having trouble locating the instructions to adjust the brightness by holding the dimmer up or down. I’ve seen other posts where people talk about it working, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Any links to instructions for this?
Thank you!

Did you load the device handlers?

Yes, I installed both of them. I went through the settings but didn’t see anything related to this.

Thank you

Classic app or Connect?

I only have Inovelli switches, no dimmers, so I can’t test. Just thinking of some troubleshooting tips.

I’m using the Classic app. I’m thinking it’s possible somehow with WebCoRE but most likely there’s an easier way. I’m still trying to search some more, if I happen to come across the solution I’ll also post here for others.