Direct Association with Gen1 & Smartthings?

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up direct association on the Gen 1 switches. Specifically I have a NZW31-T which I would like to mount in a box that is somewhat hard to get to and then control that switch with newer gen2 swtich. My understanding is that the switch needs to be paired in secure mode which I could never do with the gen1 switches in SmartThings, but not sure if there is some way around that? Can this work? or just not possible?


I’m pretty sure that both devices need to be paired at the same security level, not necessarily both paired secure. If your Gen 1 isn’t paired securely, try adding the Gen2 using Scan Nearby, don’t enter a QR or DSK and let it fail. It will pair as ZWAVE_S2_FAILED. I’m not sure that will work for associating but it’s worth a shot.

I have a gen1 dimmer associated with a red dimmer using Hubitat, so it will probably work with Smarthings too. I have the same setup you have, the gen1 is never used as it’s in the garage, but associated with a gen2 that is at the main entrance.

When i get home i can check how they are paired and can share my associations.

Well, forgot i could just vpn home…

They are both paired unsecured, not exactly sure what associated is used, as it’s driven by Hubitat app “Z-Wave association tool”. But look to be using group 2&3

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