Disable the dimming buttons for Red Series Dimmer

Hi. This might sound weird but I would like to disable the default dimming buttons on the dimmer (hold up and down) but still have the ability to control the brightness level of the light remotely. Is this possible? I tried setting the config to “on/off switch” and that disables the dimming buttons but then when I try to set the brightness level in home assistant, for example, the light stays 100% bright.

To make sure I’m on the same page, is the end goal that the switch itself will behave as on/off, but the on value won’t be 100%? Or the on value may change, but you want to only ever control that change from home assistant?

I think you can accomplish this by just disabling local control on the switch and using scenes based on the button presses up/down to make the switch behave the way you want. None of that should affect the ability to control the switch from the hub over zwave.

Thank you! This worked. At first I was worried there would be perceptible lag since now the message would have to go to my hub and back but I don’t really notice it.

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You can also use Smart Bulb Mode “On/Off”, which keeps the load at 0% or 100%, but allows dimming of the LED bar without impacting the load.

This was the first thing I tried. Are you sure I am able to dim a dumb led in the on/off mode? I think I tried and it just kept the bulb at 100% even when I tried to adjust the dim level in home assistant.

Not like you are wanting. The output from the dimmer will remain at full, which is why you will have to rely on scenes to set brightness levels. Unfortunately, I don’t think you are going to be able to perform dimming unless you are using Zwave bulbs without using scenes.

I don’t know HA, however . . .

I misunderstood the request.

No, it keeps load at 100%, so you won’t dim dumb bulbs. You have it right (disable local control, modify brightness of dimmer via app/scene controls).

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FYI, next time 8 taps of the config button will set it how you want. The LED will flash red when you disable local control or green when you enable it again.

I have a dimmer that is motion controlled only and the paddle controls 2 other unrelated devices, tapping up turns on one or off and tapping down turns the other on or off.