Does Inovelli make dummy 3-4 way switches

I have a Inovelli LZW31-SN, and I have them in the 3 way configuration, and they are AWESOME! but unfortunate, the secondary switch (sorry I do not know the terms) is just a dumb on/off switch. The configuration works great, but it sits next to another Inovelli switch for another light. I would like to have them all lined up, so I can have all the LED strips give me status.

So what I am asking, is there a dumb switch with the LED strip on it perhaps?

It could get expensive, but I assume I also can add another LZW31 to the other end to do what I would like to do?

OR* is there a way to put the LZW31 on the other end someway?

I hope I am being understood.

You are understood.

If you would have read or searched a little you could have found that they do not make any for the moment. If you want a smart switch as aux switch. As per their recommendation, there’s GE or Homeseer.

Please note that a smart aux switch will not send scene command to a red series switch / dimmer. Which is the case if you use an homeseer aux switch with an homeseer switch.

i definitely think you can do this. Just disable the internal relay and then have it turn on or off the main switch.