Double clicks does not work anymore

I have many LZW31-SN - Dimmer Switch (Red Series). Some of them do not react on double clicks.
It was working before. They are at firmware 1.55. I tried to update one of them to 1.61 but still have the same problem.

Disable Physical On/Off Delay = No
Button Press Delay = 700ms
Disable Local Control = No
Disable Remote Control = No

When clicking the option in Hubitat PUSH BUTTON 2 then it works. But physically on the switch, the double click is recognize as a simple click. I even reset with the air gap. Any idea why ?

I fixed the problem.

I select NO for Disable Physical On/Off Delay then save and it still not worked.
I then select Yes and save it.
I then re-select No and save it and now it works.

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This seems to be a common problem after upgrading to 1.61.

I had this problem with 1.55 too.