"Dumb" Three-way switch with LZW31-SN not dimming at second switch

I’ve noticed that when I switch my LZW31-SN it dims as per expectation, but when I switch it at the second switch, it switches off and on instantly. I have a NZW31 and a Zooz Zen22 and they both dim as expected from the master and the slave switch.

Is this normal operation for the LZW31-SN?

The dumb switch is wired to actually switch the load and dumb switches are instant on-off so yes it would be immediate and not ramp.

I believe both of those other devices wire with the dumb switch wired to give feedback to the dimmer, not wired to the actual load.

Looking at the wiring diagrams again, you are most certainly correct. Thanks for the reply.

I may need to swap some switches around.