Efficient way to update Firmware on Red series switches?

I have a bunch of LZW31-SN switches for which I want to update their firmware. I have followed the guide on the Inovelli support site, which includes installing Simplicity Studio and updating each target individually, but it is a very tedious process. Each switch will take 2-5 mins to upload Target 0 & 1, and it is a manual process (ie: select 1 switch, upload Target 0, then upload Target 1, etc).

There must be a more efficient method to do this? I cannot imagine having to do 1 switch at a time like this; I can’t even upload both firmwares in one execution.

Are there any other tools that allow this to be a more efficient process?



What hub do you have. I have a hubitat C7 and that allows you to update through the hub no other special stuff needed. I did this last week with a few. Super easy.

But yes one at a time as it has to send it via zwave. And only one switch at a time. Atleast you don’t have to do it often. (I have over 30 switches so if I ever need to do them all it’s like 60+ updates)